Meet Naweko

If all the logical things you’ve tried to get rid of acne have not worked yet, why not try something crazy?  

Meet the Author Hi! I’m Naweko. I want to help you enjoy a healthier, more acne-under-control YOU. But my approach is not for everyone. Especially if you are rushed and do not want to discover all of the secrets acne can reveal about yourself.

“My acne was severe, out of control, shredding my confidence and Accutane was not an option.” Naweko

The Acne Messages Approach in a Nutshell

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My beliefs about acne: 

  • If you have severe acne, you have more that one health problem. 
  • Finding and addressing the messages behind your case of serious, hard-to-treat acne will result in a healthier and happier you.

Hello, I am Naweko San-Joyz. I have had severe, painful, in your face acne for over eight years and tried nearly everything on the market to rid myself of this condition. I was even very tempted to try Accutane. But once I discovered how many people have had acne return after having committed to the tiresome experience of using Accutane, I decided to proceed in another direction.

Me before Acne Messages

I can honestly say that I am glad that I discovered my acne messages and stopped complaining about having a face covered in zits.

Had I not had acne, I would probably still be seriously overweight, have terrible skin, possess a super nasty attitude (I still working on this), and have a sub-par sense of self-confidence.

If you have endured severe acne for any amount of time, you owe it to yourself you unlock your Acne Messages.

After meditating on my acne for some time, I received several power revelations about this disease. Acne Messages is born of a heartfelt belief that humans have forgotten the ability of the body to heal itself. We have somehow learned to distrust our bodies and transferred all of the confidence we previously had in the power of our bodies to medications.

Perhaps my genes from my mother’s family allowed me to experience acne. Some of my maternal aunts and uncles still have acne in one variation or another. Seeing this led me to believe that my acne would not vanish with age as some professionals consoled. Moreover, my sister is over thirty and her acne condition seems to be getting worse as opposed to better.

I know that my acne condition would be as aggravated as my sister’s had I not made definite lifestyle changes to better understand what acne was trying to tell me about my body and life. The huge difference between my sister and me is that I am willing to make lifestyle adjustments to ensure that I am in the healthiest state of mind and body possible- whereas my sister still believes in the power of medications and creams.

Although medicines and drugs serve their purpose in certain situations, I feel that society has allotted them too much power and trust. Rather than assuming a take-charge attitude about the state of our health, too many of us wait on the sidelines for pharmaceutical companies to develop some drug to cure or better yet cover our ills. I offer this book to implore individuals to acknowledge and trust the curative powers within their bodies.

I do not intend to undermine the medical profession nor its contributions. Rather, I aim to highlight the burden of obtaining and sustaining health that society has transferred from the individual to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Dr. Herbert Benson, MD attests to the awesome power of this belief transfer as he writes:

“Ironically, the reputation physicians have enjoyed throughout history, privileged and esteemed in every culture and time one can name, was built on and cultivated by the success of remembered wellness and on the three modes of belief-inspired healing: the belief of an individual in a treatment, the belief of the caregiver, or their mutual beliefs.”

We are conditioned to trust in the power of the pill and if something is “wrong” with us, we are advised to see a doctor. In certain instances, this may be sensible, but we shortchange ourselves by refusing to explore the deeper messages behind our apparent illnesses. As Caroline Myss, Ph.D. reminds us: “As terrifying as a disease is, it is also an invitation to enter into the nature of mystery.” On this accord, I am able to genuinely say that investigating the causes of my acne has afforded me an array of lifestyle improvements that include:

    -My self-esteem has shot up dramatically. -I have lost over 10 pounds of body fat. -I am more sociable, and I am constantly meeting people that bring great joy to my life -I engage in activities that I once thought that I was not good enough for. -By altering my diet, my energy level has increased. -Small issues no longer sadden me. -I am less sensitive to the criticism of others. -When I look in the mirror, I see confidence, vitality, and beauty looking back at me. -When I notice even the slightest change in my energy level or confidence, I can use biofeedback to get my health back to its optimal level. -I am less self-centered and insecure about my looks.

I am confident that anyone wishing to see having acne as an opportunity to learn more about him or her self can emulate the benefits that I have received through my acne experience.

That is the essence of why I am writing this book. For years I agonized over why I was cursed with this condition. I begged God to give me “good” skin. Meanwhile, as I soaked in shame and shied away from socializing, I sought out every over-the-counter and aesthetic treatment there was for acne. Sometimes costly treatments gave me great results, but a few months later, my face would be covered with acne and scars once more, and so the search for my “cure” would again ensue with an unyielding fire.

Acne was not only an emotional drain but a financial parasite as well. I admitted to myself that my willingness to pay and do almost anything to get rid of acne was taking the joy out of my life on several levels. I felt unworthy of love because acne disgraced my face. Needless to say, my self-confidence plummeted. To make matters worse, I surrounded myself with talk such as: “If I did not have acne my skin would look great, I’d look much prettier”; “If I did not have acne, I would feel more like a professional, more presentable”; and “I’ll be so glad when I don’t have acne.”

For years this is how I addressed myself, as a victim trapped in a body that had betrayed me for some cause unbeknownst to me. And every day, I was on a mad search for a cure. This misguided and frantic search was costing me thirty percent of my already minuscule salary. Then, one day, I came to my senses. I decided that I could keep paying out money to dermatologists, aestheticians, and beauty stores until the magnetic field of the Earth reversed itself. But this was not going to cure me. It was at this point that I resolved that this acne was here to tell me something and I was going to be patient and listen to it. That day, I chose not to see acne as personal enemy number one, but as a primary source for understanding who I am.

That was a miraculous day that started me on a healing and inspiring journey of self-exploration and empowerment. Along the way, I have gathered numerous tools that have helped me to appreciate the being that I am and love myself. In the process, my views on life and health have changed substantially. It is my goal to allow you to enjoy the same sense of enlightenment and strength that can come from working to unravel the many messages of your acne.

From a circle of love,

Naweko San-Joyz