Expanding Upon the Acne/Diet Link

Cultivating an acne diet takes some worthwhile work. Some dieticians or physicians may simply prescribe an anti-inflammatory diet under the assumption that removing inflammation-causing foods will reduce the presence of acne.

This is a good working theory, but digestion is a complicated process and unique to each individual. There are some simple key points to remember about acne and digestion that include:

  • Eat too much and you will tax the liver, which can lead to acne.
  • Eat foods that your body can tolerate well (we’ll cover how to find these foods in a later chapter).
  • Make certain that you consume enough protein and that you are digesting it well, else, excess protein may cause an inflammatory reaction in the skin
  • If you each sugars or carbohydrates, balance them with proper amounts of protein. Otherwise you can cause a drop blood sugar that promotes a chain of hormonal reactions similar to those that trigger acne formations.