Putting Your Ideal Diet Together

Since we just covered a great deal of material, lets arrange it so that we can use it in the everyday scheme to keep acne under control.

Personalized food tolerance chart

The first thing you need to do to get off to the right start with nutrition is determine what foods you cannot tolerate well using the information provided in the Elimination diet section. Remember that food elimination does not mean that you have to deny yourself a certain food forever; the objective is to know how a particular food affects you.

From that point you can decide how often you will partake of it. Use the chart below to clarify and record foods that promote acne within your body; foods to which you have an allergic response8 and foods that you should consume in moderation.

Note: I use “allergic response” because many nutritionist state that probably only 5-10% of the US population genuinely suffers from a food allergy.

The reason for this is that most symptoms of a food allergy usually arise from nutritional deficiencies.

For example, thanks to using the elimination diet, I know that eating yogurt (one of my favorite foods) causes acne for me. So I would list this food in the Foods that are acne causing for me section. Again, I do not completely deny myself yogurt, I just know that I should not eat it everyday, as I was, if I want clear skin.

Now I eat yogurt once every few weeks. Using the elimination diet, I also discovered that I have an allergic response to bananas.

So, I would place bananas in the Foods that I have an allergic response to section. An allergic response includes symptoms such as: watery eyes, sneezing, and unexplained swelling or itching in body.

Completing the last section takes some observation, for example, I noticed that consuming too much chicken or fish over a given amount of time caused acne for me.

So, instead of eliminating these foods, I eat them in moderation and in smaller quantities than I did in the past. For our example then, I would list fish and chicken in the Foods that I consume in moderation section.

Food Tolerance Chart

  • Foods that are acne causing for me


  • Foods that I have an allergic response to


  • Foods that I consume in moderation


Personalized acne prevention nutrients list

Next, using the section that explains the benefits of various nutrients and minerals with respect to acne, decide how you plan to incorporate these nutrients into your diet.

You can create a chart like the one on the next page and complete it with the foods that you plan to use to get the nutrients you need. Just make sure that you can eat these foods regularly. Some foods are hard to acquire in certain locations and seasons.

Where you will get your nutrients chart

Acne controlling nutrients Your preferred nutrient food source

  • Vitamin A ________________
  • Vitamin B ________________
  • Vitamin C ________________
  • Vitamin E ________________
  • Chromium ________________
  • Selenium ________________
  • Zinc ________________
  • Iodine ________________
  • Essential ________________
  • Fatty Acids ________________