The Art of Calmation

Calmation is the act of calming yourself.

As stated earlier, stress can trigger acne. For this reason, no acne program would be complete without addressing this critical topic. It is essential to have relaxation techniques for numerous reasons. For one, calmation can prevent you from doing things in haste.

Two, calmation can prevent your adrenal glands from having to overreact and increase your blood sugar level. This taxes your body and promotes rapid aging. And three, calmation helps your blood flow easier so that you skin looks refreshed. At the same time, your organs, such as the brain, receive the optimal amount of blood so that they can perform at their peak levels.

What follows is an array of simple techniques that you can utilize to calm yourself and quickly reduce your stress level. This will greatly benefit you and those that surround you.

The Hot Bath

This is the ultimate calmation activity because is does one important thing- it slows everything down. Taking a hot bath is simple. Just fill up the bathtub with enough warm or hot water to cover your body.

Make sure the temperature does not burn you. Add a few bath salts or fragrances if you please and then sit back and enjoy. This experience slows the heart rate, which slows down the thought process rate so that your mind and body can relax.

Ball of Energy

This exercise is easy and can be done anywhere. Imagine a ball of healing ene rgy (in the form of a big golden light for example) resting in your stomach. Once you are comfortable with the healing power of the ball, direct it to any part of the body where you feel pain, tension or discomfort.

Now take deep breaths in and exhale. When exhaling, image that the healing ball is moving the pain and uncomfortable feelings away from the body and replacing them with health. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary throughout the day.

The Countdown

Using the countdown to calm down is recommended for various situations. Plus it is easy to do. Take a deep breath, exhale and say “10”. Take another deep breath, exhale and say “9”. Then repeat this process until you get to one. Once you get the hang of this exercise you can replace the numbers with a phrase such as “I am in control.” And guess what- you are in control.

This exercise is so relaxing that I use it sometimes before going to sleep. When counting down I rarely get to “1” because this method is so effective I just seem to fall asleep in seconds.

Energy Displacement

Where there is stress, there is constrained energy. This energy may be tied up in preoccupation about the past, future or idle worries. One may transform this stress into anger or some deconstructive activity. We have so many choices. You can choose to handle stress by using constructive energy displacement.

To illustrate, if you are stressed out about something, you can spend time hitting a racket ball or punch bag. This is a non-violent and healthy way to release stress. Leaving stress in your body only builds up toxins and weakens the immune system, so it is imperative to translate stress into some other form of useful energy.

You can also transform stress by doing things such as writing in a journal, drawing wild and crazy imagines, or going on a high energy walk or run. The point is to use stress in a constructive way and recognize when you have allowed stress to become destructive and alter it.

View stress like food in a refrigerator, you either use it to make good food or throw it out before it rots and ruins all the other food in the refrigerator.