Acne Types & What They Say About You

This article illustrates what whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, papules and cysts/nodules look like and potential meanings about their presence on your face.

Happy Pore. No clog here.
Happy Pore. No clog here.

See that happy pore over there? Free of garbage like wax, glued together dead skin cells or pus. That’s how you want all of your pores to look. Is there a meaning behind those clogged pores? Let’s find out how to get happy pores shall we?


Prior to accessing your blemishes using the acne face chart, it will help to know more about the Tzone. The sebaceous glands lubricate the skin and hair with the oil-like substance they secrete. These glands are located all over the body. However, sebaceous glands are concentrated on the face in an area known as the T- zone. The T- zone includes the forehead, nose, and the area around your mouth, including the chin. It’s called the T-zone because it’s shaped like the letter “T”.

When the glands in the T-zone are overactive, it is wise to enjoy food high in vitamin A and zinc, since these nutrients help regulate oil produced by the sebaceous glands. Also, whiteheads appear to be indicative of over-sensitivity and nervousness. If this applies to you, try doing some of the exercises listed in the Calmation section of the book. Listed below are a few points to keep in mind when dealing with acne formations in the Tzone. Overeating sugar products or not properly balancing them with protein can trigger a series of hormonal reactions that end in acne.

You can read more about this in the Blood Sugar section. Not having the proper balance of oils within the body can trigger excess oil production. Ensure that you are eating the proper amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fats. You can learn more about this in How Food Intake Can Affect Acne in the Essential Fatty Acids section. Stress can cause the oil glands to produce more oils. I have covered studies showing that an increase in stress can encourage the onset of acne formations.

To help ease your stress level, try enjoying one of the simple relaxation techniques offered in the Calmation section. When acne appears outside of the sebaceous gland area, you can look at the face chart to help decide what organ(s) within your body may be in need of attention and thus has sent a messenger zit to the skin.

Whitehead (Closed comedone)


Whiteheads are clogged hair follicles that stay below the surface of the skin. They look like small white bumps. If squeezed a worm-like formation of oil and bacteria will usually emerge from the skin.

Possible messages behind whiteheads:

Whiteheads are the most challenging form of acne to deal with because they are directly related to our immune response. Even treatments with Blue Light therapy cannot treat whiteheads because these little white bumps are packed with powerful insights into how an individual deals with life’s stresses and daily situations. If you are willing to explore the messages your whiteheads bring, I promise that your world will become much richer. That’s because decoding whiteheads brings you remarkably closer to understanding who you are and how you respond to the world around you.

Since whiteheads are usually formed in clusters and are representative of a rapid immune response by the white blood cells; their presence suggests that your body is under a continual attack or constant stress. This attack may arrive from causes such as eating the wrong food, overeating or stressing out before driving to work every day.

Questions to ask yourself regarding whiteheads :

Stress Response

Stress. Utö. Aaron Tejedor.

Do you know of at least three natural methods to calm yourself prior to entering into a stressful situation such as deep breathing, walking or meditating? If not develop systems right away. The first line of defense in dealing with a stress overload is being able to relax. Remember, acne is a flare-up; we cannot resolve an acne formation by “flaring- up”. Instead, we must calm ourselves in an effort to create the type of environment that will encourage the body to heal itself.

Also, you should note what people and/or environmental settings stress you out so that you are more aware of when you need to conscientiously calm yourself. For example, I know that I always get nervous around large crowds. My skin expresses this nervous response with multiple whiteheads. Because I am aware of this reaction, I calm myself prior to entering crowds. The result is that my skin and I are a lot calmer.

Food Sensitivity

To which foods are you sensitive? If you say that you know you are not sensitive or have an allergic response to any foods how do you know? Have you done elimination dieting to find out how you respond to different foods? I highly recommend performing a food elimination diet to discover the foods that you have an allergic response to, especially if you have uncontrollable acne. Please refer to the Elimination diet section for details on how to use this method.

Skin Care Products

pmvchamara .com. Cosmetics & Skincare

Please note that with this question I am not encouraging you to buy the latest product that promises to rid you of acne. No drug or cream will ever free you of acne. Although these products assist us in our skincare goals, they are not miracle performers like our divine bodies. What type of skin-care products work best for your skin type?

Are you washing your skin too much or applying too much moisturizer? Become familiar with the ingredients in your skincare products. Some products contain mineral oils and wax that can clog pores and cause whiteheads. Learn how your skin responds to the products that you use.

It is very important to ensure that you are only using as much of the product as necessary. (But make sure you use enough sunblock because many studies show that people do not apply enough of it). In the Outer Body Cleansing Experience section, we take a closer look at cleansing agents to determine how they can best work for you.


Alexa_Fotos. Sunset

Are you wearing an appropriate sunscreen when you enter the sun? Not protecting your skin appropriately from the sun for extended periods can cause burning and inflammation. Most skincare professionals recommend wearing at least creams with SPF 15 every day. I suggest using SPF 30. Whiteheads could be a response to sun sensitivity. Sun sensitivity can arise as a side effect from prescription drugs and/or consumption of processed foods.

Response to Pimple Formations

When you develop a zit or zit(s) do you get upset? Do you become angry and feel less presentable. This adds stress to your body and can certainly lead to more acne formations. When you develop zits suddenly, it is crucial to examine what your mood and environment were like in the past 24-36 hours. Did you become upset with a person? If so, why? How did you deal with it? Are you anxious, nervous, having doubts about something, or extremely happy?

Did you perform a new activity, or meet someone new? How did you respond to these situations? Did enjoy yourself or judge yourself. The point is you need to understand how you respond to people and situations. I, for instance, realized that I can be overly sensitive to criticism and it was manifested in how easily I could acquire a whitehead flare-up. I literally had to develop a thick skin and I am a better person for it.


Are you regular? Opinions on what is regular vary across the board. But after having read several books such as Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management and Millan Chessman’s, Stay Young and Healthy Through Internal Cleansing, I am convinced most of us are severely constipated and don’t even know it. Do you defecate at least 6-8 hours after a meal? Are your bowel movements large and easy to release? Do you feel as if you’re bowel movements are complete? If you answered “no” to most of these questions, the majority of holistic health and colonic experts would agree that a little colon irrigation would do your body a huge favor.

Look at it this way, what types of food do you eat? Whole natural, fresh foods that pass through the body easily or heavily processed foods laden with sugar and fats? Processed foods are more taxing on our digestive system and require lots of fluids, time, and nutrients to exit the body.

Do you realize that a great deal of our typical western diet (burgers, chips, red meats, pizza, pasta) ends up staying in our colon and fermenting because it cannot be broken down properly and used to nurture our bodies? Again, if the colon cannot handle the waste in our bodies it sends excess toxins to the skin for expulsion. Please read the Taking the trash out and the Commonsense guide to staying constipation free sections for methods on becoming and staying regular.


Do you drink enough water? Your body should be 70-75% water but nowadays most Westerns are 60-64% water due to poor nutrition. There are endless benefits of adequately hydrating yourself including stabilizing your weight, moderating your appetite and allowing our body to better rid itself of toxins. Your body needs water, you’ve probably heard this a lot, but its truth warrants repetition. Drink at least a gallon of water a day. As your body works to cleanse itself, it can become dehydrated and this dehydration can present itself in the form of whiteheads.

Blackhead (Open comedone)


A blackhead is a clogged hair follicle that has made its way to the surface of the skin. Its dark appearance is due to a buildup of melanin the skin’s dark pigment- in the pore.

Possible messages behind blackheads:

Although I will acknowledge that poor hygiene is not a root cause of acne nor does the dark appearance of blackheads arise from dirt, I do sense a need for cosmetic pampering in the case of blackheads. This feeling arises because the dead cells in the blackhead have arrived to the surface; they just need a little help from you to make a quick exit. On a more practical note, blackheads can arise from using creams that contain bismuth and mercury and using hair care products that contain lead salts.

Questions to ask yourself regarding blackheads:

Do I need to steam my face? This will help open the pores so that they can be cleared of waste. Do I need to rest? If the body is tired it cannot perform at optimum levels, so activities such as cleansing are impaired. Get some beauty rest. Am I going to a new environment, i.e. new buildings or locations? Changes in humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure can all have a significant bearing on acne-prone skin. For example, I notice that I have fewer breakouts in colder climates. Also, I have more whiteheads in dry heat climates (because of the need for greater hydration) and more blackheads in humid climates. In hot and humid environments, it is easy for the pores to open and absorb waste. Am I eating a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables? These foods contain nutrients that help deactivate free radicals and regulate oil production. For healthy skin, a balanced diet is a must.


PapulePapules appear on the skin as a small, firm pink bump. These bumps may be tender to the touch.

Possible messages behind papules :

I take papule as a very serious sign that one of my internal organs is overworked and in need of a rest. This is because most of the time, one can detect the formation of a papule before it arises to the surface of the skin and it usually hurts.

Questions to ask yourself regarding papules:

Look at the face chart and note what area of the face the papule is located. To what organ is the location of the pustule linked? Try using the suggestions for aiding that organ. Do the papules always seem to arrive in the same area of the face? You may have a more serious problem or pattern of overuse with the organ(s) related to this area. Are the papules occurring on the sides of the face? Just a note from personal experience: You may need to change your pillowcase more often. Further, the appearance of these types of papules may serve to guard your beauty by reminding you to sleep on your back and not smoother your face. This way, your face can breathe and you can prevent wrinkles.



Pustules are small round lesions that are clearly inflamed and contain visible pus. The outer area of the bump may appear red while having a white or yellow center where the pus is lodged.

Possible messages behind pustules:

The pus is a sign that an antibody fight has taken place in the pore as the white or yellow pus is a sign that leucocytes have been sent in to destroy problem-causing bacteria. When I see pustules, I know the immune system is capable of putting up a good fight, but we don’t necessarily want it to do extra rounds. Since these pustules are representative of a complete antibody attack on a foreign substance, this suggests that you have come in contact with some bacteria (perhaps via the hands), negative thoughts, or polluted air. In the end, your body was able to respond to the threat and dispose of the attacker.

Questions to ask yourself regarding pustules :

Have you been touching your face more often than usual? Touching your face even subconsciously is an easy and often unnoticed means of bringing new bacteria onto the skin. Even telephones can be a source of acne-causing bacteria. I discovered that I would touch my face out of a nervous habit. Some persons touch their faces while thinking or daydreaming. Take note of how often you touch your face and what you are thinking about during these times. Then quickly remove your hands from your face. You could just be bringing unwelcome guests to your face and destructive thoughts to your mind. The emotional cause of pustules parallels the physical cause. For instance, thinking negative thoughts can present themselves in the form of pustules. Your body has to fight off these toxic thoughts to protect itself. Take account of your recent thoughts. Do you insult people, even if it is only with the little voice in your head? Do you become angry and stay this way for a while (days, weeks)? Address these negative thoughts with healing comments such as, “I invite joy into my life” and “I allow strife to exit my life and leave me in peace.” Do you feel tired or sluggish? Do you feel as though your food is not nourishing you? You may need toxic relief. You can give your body a break by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables for a few days and enjoying lemon water. Also, take notice if you have started eating anew food or drink, this substance may not agree with your body. To help boost your immune system during sluggish times you can enjoy foods containing selenium and vitamin E. You may want to consider a garlic enema as well to ward off parasites.

Cyst (Nodule)

Cyst Nodule
Cyst Nodule

Cysts are easy to recognize because they are large and usually tearfully painful nodules that lie deep in the skin’s surface. These bumps also contain bumps. Cysts are created when the contents of a comedo have spilled into the surrounding skin and the local immune system responds, producing pus. These lesions may last for weeks or months and develop into deep cysts. If handled wrongly, cysts can leave severe scarring. One can generate a cyst by squeezing a newly forming it and causing the bacterial contents of the pore to spread.

Possible messages behind cysts:

Since cysts occur deep within the skin, they require us to look deeply at our life situation and how we are treating ourselves mentally and physically.

Questions to ask yourself regarding cysts:

Look at the face chart and note what area of the face the cyst is located. To what organ is the location of the cyst linked? Try using the suggestions for aiding that organ. Have you been squeezing newly forming zits? If so try to stop. I know that this is psychologically difficult since you want to have nice clear skin now.

But you may believe that you would look better if only this would just go away, and you can make it go away by squeezing it. Here again, we find the lesson of loving yourself brought to you by acne. If you have not realized it by now, let me remind you: Squeezing the zits that you have not does not make them go away.

Although there is a time to squeeze and a time not to squeeze when a zit is in its formative stages deep within the skin and you can feel it, but not see, and the upper layer of the skin is inflamed- this is not the time to squeeze. You will only spread infection in your skin. The need to squeeze a zit is born of impatience.

Ask yourself, why do you really squeeze a zit when you know it will leave a scar? Do you desire that instant gratification that the zit is gone? Before you squeeze a zit, you should always ask it what did it come to tell you.

This may sound silly and you may have too many zits at present to ask each of them individually. If that is the case ask all of the zits at once. The most important message will be heard first if you are listening and willing to look intimately and critically at your psyche and lifestyle. Deal with that message. It could be that you simply need to take deeper breathes so that the oxygen in your lungs can do more cleaning or it may be that you need to dump your girlfriend because she treats you unfairly and as a result, you are cruel to yourself. The messages are endless. That is why there is no cure for acne, only interpretation.

Acne conglobata

This acne develops primarily on the back, buttocks and chest. Pustules and nodules characterize its appearance. There may be severe bacterial infection at the site.

Possible messages behind Acne conglobata:

Acne conglobata serves to enforce body awareness because this acne typically occurs in places that we cannot see with our eyes but that we can certainly feel because of the physical pain they bring.

Questions to ask yourself regarding Acne conglobata:

When you place your body in chairs or beds, are you comfortable? I know a person who developed acne conglobata on his bottom because he was constantly sitting on a chair that did not provide enough cushioning to his rear end. He was actually sitting on his bones and thus the acne conglobata developed because of constant rubbing and pressure on the lower buttock. Once he bought and used a chair cushion the problem went away.

When you go to places such as the gym, do you properly cleanse your skin afterward? Many people use the equipment at gyms so it is crawling with bacteria. I noticed that when I wear sport tank tops for working out, I would get pustules on the parts of my back that were exposed to the weight bench. If your skin is exposed to devices used by lots of people, protect your skin by covering the equipment with a towel if possible or cleaning it prior to using it.

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