What Acne Means to You

Now we have come to the end of this program and the most important part of the book: what acne means to you. As you perform the tasks in this book and improve the relation between you and your body it is crucial to understand what acne now means to you.

In the past, I dreaded acne, and treated it as a curse. I was desperate to do anything to get rid of it. But that has changed. The process to gaining control over acne took time but it markedly enhanced my outlook on my health, my relationships and my life.

When a pimple appears on my body, I can reflect and quickly discover what message it brings. I am happy to receive these messages because now I realize that they help me to attain my goals.

For instance, I have always wanted an artistic physique. I would say to myself, “I want to look like a body sculpted to perfection.” Meanwhile, my acne kept getting worse and I figured so much for dreaming. In unchecked acts of self-pity, I spent thousands of dollars with aestheticians and dermatologist hoping for a miracle to take away my acne.

The acne still came. Then, one day, enlightenment shown on me. I declared: “No more shall I seek to pay someone to rid me of acne, I will find out what this acne wishes to tell me.” Guess what the acne told me? If I wanted an immaculate physique, I had to make changes. All of these years I was cursing the very entity that was trying to help me attain my personal goals of having a superb physique. I just did not realize it.

Once I decided to be more patient with acne, I found out that I was eating way too much and eating the wrong food. I also discovered that I did not need to go to the aesthetician to do treatments for my skin that I could do at home, like steaming my face.

What happened once I did what my acne was trying to convince me to do? I am now in the best shape of my life and my health improves everyday. When I get a zit (which is substantially less often that it used to be) I can’t wait to discover what message it brings because it allows me to continue on my path of divine health- my birthright and yours as well.

I thank you partaking of my book and bid you and most insightful journey on the path to optimal health. I wish you love and health.

Naweko San-Joyz