Desensitizing Yourself to the Comments and Energy of Others

Desensitizing yourself to the comments and energy of others Being sensitive to the comments and energies of others causes a nervous response in our bodies. Typically, instead of fearing physical death from fellow humans these days, we fear his or her words, which we allow to kill us slowly.

Reflect on this, how many times have you allowed someone’s comments, constructive or not, to alter your state of mind and thus your health?

If we cannot control how we respond to others, we cannot control our bodies and give ourselves the divine state of health that the Universe so generously wishes to afford us. As a person with acne, it easy to feel attacked by the comments of others.

The first line in protecting ourselves from such comments is to return trust to our bodies and turn a deaf ear to the negativity of others.

These suggestions are not so easy to implement because as with anything in life that’s worth doing once, it is worth repeating. At first, or in the past you may have taken the criticism of others personally and internalized it.

This negative energy is very destructive and even deadly in the body. Its presence requires a cleansing of the psychological type.

No, I am not a psychologist nor do I profess to offer services as such, but I do know that unchecked sensitivity to the comments of others can wreck havoc on your life. If you have acne, you may have the same awareness. How do we desensitize ourselves to the energies of others?

Easy, we start to trust ourselves again and our own bodily knowledge.

To illustrate, if someone tells you: “Your skin looks horrible, are you doing anything to get it fixed?” You can respond, “I am taking care of my body and my body is taking care of me.” Understand me, I know this statement can seem incredibly difficult at first to say and even moreso to believe.

That’s is why we repeat this message of trust over and over again to our body. Meanwhile you may be thinking, “I’ve had acne for years, how am I supposed to believe that my body’s suddenly going to start healing itself?”

That, my friend, is the point. Have you trusted your body in the past to heal you or were you seeking out some drug or skin care treatment to free your skin of the acne presence?

If you are still looking for some drug or magic cream, you’re kidding yourself and telling your body that it is useless. I had an awakening experience the day I decided that I would not pay another dime to anyone to “get rid” of my acne.

Instead, I declared to my acne, “Acne, you’re here to tell me something, and by all the power that resides in me I am going to find out what it is.” Thus began my journey into healing and decoding of the acne messages.

I began to trust my body to tell me what it needs. At the same time I practiced a more holistic lifestyle that included elimination dieting, occasional fasts, eating less meat and altering my skin care regime. Now, I even talk to my body in different ways. If I develop a zit I ask myself questions such as:

  • Am I eating the right proportions of food?
  • Am I exercising enough?
  • Did I take someone’s criticism too seriously?
  • Am I being negative to myself? (This can take several forms such as not accepting praise, to criticizing yourself, to needing to consume the proper nutrients)
  • Am I nervous about something?
  • Am I enjoying my work?
  • Do I need an internal cleansing?
  • Am I making the most of everyday so that I feel relaxed at night and rest well?

Thus when you encounter a new pimple, you should be able to reflect on your life to decode what type of message is arriving with the pimple. Again we do this by trusting our bodies and treating it better than we did in the past.

If you have viewed or continue to view acne as a trap that prevents you from enjoying life, perform the following exercise to help free yourself from destructive physical and mental constructs.

The charts are divided into three parts: The Question, Your Response, and Follow-up Activity. Ask yourself the question and write your response in the space below, or in your journal better yet.

Then perform the follow-up activities to start breaking the restrictive thinking and habits that result from your acne condition.

Restriction Question

  • What activities do you prevent yourself from partaking in because you have acne?
  • Your Response

Follow-up Activity

Imagine yourself with clear skin and enjoying these activities. Imagine the people around you praising you.

Tell yourself you deserve to do what makes you happy. Acne is not a prison sentence. It is a message. Free yourself from this phony trap. Do what you love to do! It is your birthright!

Build up your self-confidence (using the healing exercises) so that you can begin enjoying these activities one by one.

Calming Effects Question

  • Are there times when your acne is less active? What are you doing during these times? What is your atmosphere like? Who are you with? What do you do?
  • Your Response
  • Follow-up Activity

    Take note of what conditions make your acne less active. It could be things such as taking with an old friend, which comforts you. It may be going to the beach and relaxing. It could happen after eating a certain dish.

    Test such a theory with an elimination diet (see Elimination diet section). The method here is to surround yourself with the entities that make your acne less active and to understand what influence these persons, places or things have on your mood, interpersonal dialogue and acne.

    Aggravating Effects Question

    • Are there times when you acne is more active? What are you doing during these times? What is you atmosphere like? Who are you with? What are you doing?
    • Your Response
    • Follow-up Activity

      The same concepts as listed in the previous question are applicable here.

      Decide what makes your acne more active. It may be conversations with a certain person, eating a certain food, not doing something you love doing like hiking or writing in your journal. Also, you may be holding onto criticism to seriously.

      Regaining My Confidence Question

      • How do you feel you life would change if you did not have acne?
      • Your Response

      Follow-up Activity

      Ask yourself, is acne in control of your life or do you control the acne? You control the acne because you interpret its messages. Sometimes we are our greatest enemies. We imagine that other people’s opinions of us matter. Everyone has an ego and to be honest we care way too much about what someone else may think about us.

      But the reality of the matter is that judgmental people really do not care about us. Another person may look at us for a second and form an opinion about us, but all this is forgotten seconds later.

      Are you going to let someone’s millisecond thought about you lock you away from doing what you love? No. Look at yourself with your own eyes and say, “I love you.”

      This love nourishes and protects. Forget about trivial societal sentiments about how you should look.

      Yes, that’s hard to do but you have to take care of you first before you can even begin to care about what others think of you.

      My advice is, if others don’t have to be concerned about the intimate details of your life such as how you are going to afford to eat, cloth yourself and pay your bills, do not give them the right to say when you look good enough to go out and enjoy yourself.

      In truth, if someone is judging you, this person does not care about you on this intimate level so forget about his potentially destructive opinions of you. Take control of your life by controlling how you respond to life.