The Ultimate Inner/Outer Cleansing Experience for Acne

“With the arising of rebellious forces . . . the body has assumed the attitude: “I will break over this time, and the next time I won’t. I will eat this because it pleases me at the present. I will take this, for I don’t want to suffer right now, and next time I won’t.” This has been done until self loses such holds on self as to become in a manner the slave to self’s own indulgences, in mental, physical and material things! These conditions, then, require that there be made by self a definite stand to be taken; that is: “If there is given me a definite program to follow I will–I will–I will adhere to it, no matter what I may suffer mentally or physically! I will trust in the divine forces innate . . . within my inner self for the strength to endure, for the ability to say no when I should!” Edgar Cayce Reading 911-7

To systematically address your needs surrounding acne and to help you discover many of the wonderful messages that acne can bring, I have designed the Ultimate Inner Outer Cleansing Experience. This program is divided into three sections. The sections will help you recognize how you treat yourself as a result of having acne and how you can make changes in your life to discover what improvements dealing with acne can bring you.

The first part of the program involves dealing with the psychological aspects of acne. This section may seem extraneous to some. But, I declare that not acknowledging the immense psychological impact acne has on an individual is a callous mistake to make. Alan Shalita, MD, professor and chair of dermatology at the State University of New York Health Science Center in Brooklyn, can clearly attest to this fact. Dr. Shalita tells us that persons with severe acne commonly have a poor self- image.

Dr. Shalita adds that these persons experience dysmorphophobia and hate the way they look. (Dysmorphophobia is fear of having bodily deformity to the extent that is causes distress and anxiety.) He adds that acne sufferers often encounter difficulties getting jobs and that they do not interact socially. One of Dr. Shalita’s patients was so socially and emotionally handicapped by his acne experience that he dropped out of college for a semester, saying he would take Accutane and wait to see if his skin improved before returning to school. Dealing with acne can be psychologically draining.

This is why I frown on programs or quick fix creams that fail to address acne in the full context of how it affects an individual.

In the Clearing the Voices Inside Your Head section, I disclose the immense power your inner personal dialogues has on your daily life and self-esteem. This section is created to help you cultivate a healthier attitude with yourself and begin to regain some of the selfconfidence that having acne may have taken away from you.

Section two of this program, called The Inner Cleansing Experience, focuses on the internal body. Here we take a look at how intolerances to certain foods and toxicity within the body may promote acne formations. This section can allow you to discover what foods you do not tolerate well. Additionally, this section offers an internal cleansing program to help super-charge your immune system.

In the third section of the program, entitled The Outer Cleansing Experience, we look at the skin itself. We also examine individual acne eruptions and where they occur on the body. Using this information you can discover what messages the acne formations are bringing about your lifestyle and possible changes you can make to improve your health. This section will assist you in developing an individualized skin care regime that will cater to your specific needs.

Finally, we outline the steps you can take to give you skin a super cleansing. This does not involve washing your face six times a day, but rather provides methods that you can perform yourself to help cleanse and heal you skin on a deeper level.