Enemas for Acne

Wheat Grass Enema

Assists with detoxification of the body


    • 1-2 oz. fresh wheat grass juice
    • 2 quarts water

(You can substitute green juice or chlorophyll for wheat grass.)

Coffee Enema

Benefits the liver


  • Regular ground coffee, not instant
  • 4 Tbl. coffee to 2 quarts of hot water

Brew coffee in coffee maker/pot When cool, pour into enema bag

Lactobacillus Acidophilus Enema

Note: Using yogurt is not recommended if you have dairy allergies. Instead try using the acidophilus alone.

Helps restore natural bacteria balance in colon.


    • 2 Tbl. yogurt or 4 – 5 caps dry acidophilus or 1/8 tsp. powdered acidophilus
    • 2 quarts water

Garlic-Epsom Salt Enema

Helps remove parasites, garlic is potent so use only once a week, and only when needed.


      • 3 cloves of chopped garlic in 2 quarts of water Simmer for 5 minutes
      • Add 2 Tbl. Epsom salt

Strain this mixture before adding to the enema bag because bits of the chopped garlic can clog the enema hose. When cool, pour liquid into the enema bag. Add extra water to fill bag and correct temperature. Use warm, not hot water.

Vinegar Enema

This enema helps cleanse the blood.


      • 2 Tbl. white vinegar or apple cider vinegar
      • 2 quarts warm water

General Directions for Performing an Enema

Note: These directions for given to familiarize you with steps of an enema. Please follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your enema pack.

      • Fill enema bag with appropriate enema mixture. Hook the enema bag about 4 feet above floor (on towel rack or showerhead for example).

Assume the knee-chest position with chest against floor and rectum higher than head. Knees make contact with the surface.

Insert the anal nozzle tip into rectum, using a lubricant (such as petroleum jelly or olive oil) if needed.

Release the hose clamp and empty water into rectum. Stop the fluid flow when you feel you can no longer hold more water.

Massage abdomen in counter-clockwise direction.

When bag is empty or no more fluid can be held, remove tip

Lay on each side for 5 minutes, while massaging abdomen.

Discard contents of rectum into toilet.

Repeat until bag is empty.