Facials for Acne Prone Skin

These diets are designed for days when you notice that you acne levels are starting to rise or when you feel the need for a nutritional break but not a complete fast.

Reducing oil gland production diet

This diet is concentrated in Vitamin A, the nutrient that helps the oil glands reduce excess oil production. If you tolerate tomatoes well, all you need to do is drink V-8 or Campbell’s tomato juice or vegetable juice throughout the day.

Also make sure to drink at least a liter and one half of fresh drinking water throughout the day. If you are sensitive to toma toes, just eat foods from the Vitamin A list throughout the day, or juice them for drinking.

Inflammation reducing diet

Like the name says, this diet is designed to help reduce inflammation. Just prepare some lemon water (squeeze 5-8 fresh lemons into a gallon of water) and drink it throughout the day. If you get hungry, eat some oranges, tangerines or pineapples. During this day, make sure not to eat any foods that you do not tolerate well.

Constipation relief diet

This diet is one of my favorites because it’s yummy and super simple. All you do is spend the entire day eating fruits and drinking water. Again, eat only the fruits that you tolerate well. Throughout the day, drink a gallon of water.

All of the fiber and moisture from the fruits’ weight will place natural bulk and moisture in the colon. This will promote the removal of waste and plus all of the antioxidants from the fruits will give your skin a wonderful glow.