Oils for Acne

Exercise caution while using essential oils. Make sure to dilute them in a carrier oil. For example, one drop of lavendar per 20 drops of carrier

oil. Follow the directions and cautions of the provider of the carrier oil.

Tea tree oil may be used without a carrier oil at the site of infection.


good for acne conditions and oily skin

Clary Sage:

aids excessive sebum (oil) production and helps

reduce inflammation


has a balancing effect on sebaceous (oil) glands


effective regenerative oil, antibiotic and antiseptic.

It promotes the prevention of scarring


is a very soothing and strengthening oil,

contains antiseptic properties to help control bacteria, it is excellent for acne, and works to reduce excessive sebum production

Tea Tree:

a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic, good for

acne conditions

Ylang Ylang:

helps balance sebum secretion, useful for toning excessively oily skin.

You can combine the above essential oils with other oils that are beneficial to oily skin such as

    Bergamot, chamomile (has anti- inflammatory properties), grapefruit (great for congested skin), lemon, lemongrass, mandarin, petitgrain, and violet.

    Grapeseed oil is a great carrier (base) oil for oily skin.

    Add some carrot oil, which helps reducing scaring and inflammation. It is also rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and E. You only need a small amount of carrot oil, so add it as part of your carrier oil (using too much over a long period can cause skin discoloration due to its natural orange pigment).

    Jojoba oil also works wonders for oily skin. It protects and moisturizes oily skin while it helps to balance sebum (oil) production. Jojoba makes a wonderful base oil for combination skin as well.