In addition to highlighting the importance of the kidneys, holistic health enthusiast such as Arnold Ehret and Dr. Bernard Jenson hail that most of the ailments that damage humanity stem from one sourceconstipation. Our colon has the important job of getting the majority of the garbage from our body. If it cannot do the job itself, it enlists the help of other organs such as the skin. How many times a day do you eat?

Where does all that food go? Do you use up most of the calories that you eat in a given day? We can use the analogy of an apartment to describe the digestive system and get a better understanding of how poor digestion relates to acne. Imagine that the front door of the apartment is your mouth. The interior of the apartment is your body. The trashcan is your colon. OK, we’ll imagine that we have a new apartment, completely clean, empty and ready for a move- in, just like a healthy baby’s body once it is born.

Now, the first day you go out and buy furniture for the apartment and then paintings. You start buying food, having dinner in the apartment, and inviting guests over. Then you start going to Pier One and Home Depot, buying stuff that’s on sale and you tell yourself “I’ll use this some day”. Your closets become full with old stuff.

Now, imagine that you don’t clean your carpets, or empty the trash save for once a week. You keep buying new stuff before you’ve used the old stuff and you refuse to throw away stuff that does not work (telling yourself you’ll fix it or one day you will find a use for it). The apartment starts to smell but since it happens subtly you don’t notice the change. The garbage is out of control, and flies and roaches have set in around the garbage. The presence within the apartment is starting to depress you. You no longer want to have friends over for dinner and enjoy their company. You just want to go out and buy more stuff to get away from the apartment and feel better. I imagine yo u saying, “Uh, I’d never do that to my apartment!” That may be true but we’re talking about your body.

Remember the door is your mouth, the garbage is your colon, the stuff is the food you consume and the interior is your internal body. How often do you abstain from food to give your body a break? I am not encouraging you to become a fasting freak but rather to seriously consider occasional pauses from eating a natural approach to living. Of course fasting is not for everyone, like growing youths or the terminally ill, but it can tremendously benefit anyone who does it properly and when appropriate. What the apartment in our analogy needed was a pause from the shopping sprees, some serious spring-cleaning, and a few visits to the dumpsters.

To apply this to the body, sometimes we need to break away from eating food for maybe 24-36 hours to give our insides a much-needed rest. When our body gets a rest from digesting food, guess what its first order of operation is? Cleaning. Yes, if you fast for a short period, your body will begin cleansing itself. All you have to do is give your body the correct environment and time allotment and it will heal itself. Lets remember that animals in the wild do not rely on established doctors, but innate intelligence that guides the creatures to nurture themselves. We humans are capable of the same self-repairing if we are willing to take on the responsibility. So, when you take your body on a fast, it can begin to throw out some of the stuff like undigested foods and parasites.

Remember the flies and roaches flying around the garbage; well most humans have a similar situation going on in their colon. Parasites can come from a number of sources, such as unclean fruits and meats. These parasites can multiply in the colon and cause fetid smells. Since these parasites also feed off the nutrients that our body needs, we may eat more food than normal simply to keep the parasites satisfied.

Typical signs of a parasite overload include: uncontrollable eating, unstable moods, nervousness, extreme impatience, unusually cold feet and hands and substantial decrease in energy level over an extended period of time. Also, did you notice how the healthy occupant of the apartment (the Self) was a more sociable person when the apartment (body) was cleaner? If we clean out our bodies we will reward ourselves with more vitality and others will find our company more inviting.

Foods that help the colon perform at its optimum level include:

Apricots, avocado, cauliflower, chives, figs, grapes, lemons, peaches, pears, plums, prunes