Enzymes are proteins that serve as a catalyst. There are enzymes in the stomach that help us break down food. For a short time, I added an enzyme with my meals because I sensed that I improperly digested my food, which can cause toxic build-up in the body.

Sense I prefer not to take lots of supplements or forget to take them for that matter, I choose to chew my food better which allays the need for additional enzymes.

If your food is not digested properly, it will arrive at the colon where it ferments and releases toxins. In response, your body will release antibodies to counteract these toxins. This results in inflammation somewhere in your body.

In the case of acne, the location of the inflammation is the skin (the largest organ in the body and the easiest way for your body to get rid of waste).

Poor digestion in the stomach can be revealed throughout the entire body. It can create more work for the pancreas, duodenum, and large intestines in their efforts to extract nutrients from food. Take advantage of your enzymes by chewing your food thoroughly and eating with patience.