The kidneys play a key role in cleansing our bodies. These organs are located just below the rib cage and they are about the size of your fist. Normally a person has two healthy kidneys.

The kidney is made of millions of tiny tubules called nephrons. Blood passes through the nephrons on its way around the circulatory system.

However, the cellular components of blood and blood proteins bypass the kidney because they are too large to pass through the barrier separating the kidney tubules from the blood.

When this happens, it means other organs are going to have to perform the blood cleaning that was not done by the kidneys.

While the filtered blood flows through the nephrons, substances needed by the body are re-absorbed back into the blood. The rest of the fluid, along with unwanted chemicals, goes on to the bladder to eventually pass outside the body as urine.

In his book Foods That Heal, Dr. Bernard Jenson gives us a clear example of how overtaxing the kidneys can result in acne flare-ups.

For instance, Dr. Jenson recommends eating as many papayas, mangos and pineapples as you can manage if you are ever in Hawaii. That is because these are potent eliminating foods. He omens that within a week after this indulgence; however, you will probably have an uprising of pimples and boils.

Dr. Jenson explains that these skin eruptions occur because the kidneys cannot handle the excess juices provided by the fruit.

That does not mean you should not eat cleansing foods at all, but rather one needs to take great care to ensure optimum performance of the kidney. Simply put, if you wish to take care of you skin, you have to nurture your kidneys.

Foods that help the kidneys perform at optimal levels:

Apples, asparagus, celery, dandelion greens, grapes, parsley, and watermelon.