Putting Your Ultimate Inner/Outer Cleansing Experience Together

HOW MUCH CAN YOU TAKE? Many people spend 30 or 4O years killing themselves with cigarettes, beer, wine or whiskey, coffee, black tea or soft drinks, high fat, sugar and low-fiber diets, junk food, no exercise, negative television and a bad attitude. These same people then worry if a[n] herb may hurt them, if they are getting enough protein on a vegetarian diet or if they can physically take a health routine. Get real!

You’re lucky to be alive after what you have done. I have always found that a person’s breaking point is about a million times past where they think it is. Most people who are taken hostage, starved and given forced labor end up healthier. Maybe you should consider getting kidnapped by a hostile government.
-From an open letter by Dr. Richard Schulze On Healing and Responsibility

Once you have discovered what foods and cleansing processes work best with your body, you can embark upon the ultimate inner/outer cleansing experience.

But first, let me brace you for this experience, as it is unconventional and certain to inspire grievous outcry from the Naysayers. What I propose involves a great deal of what one may be perceive as overindulgence or even wrecklessness. I invite you to an extensive internal and external cleansing.

I have noticed that several cleansing methods dwell upon removing internal toxins and that’s great. But having suffered from acne, I realize that a purging must take place within the skin and psyche as well.

You will or may have observed that while going through your first stages of a typical cleansing period, you look awful. This is a natural part of the healing crisis that eventually goes away. But while you are cleansing, the colon does not have to do all of the work, and should not in fact. That is why I am proposing and external cleansing to use in conjunction with your internal cleansing program.

If you have acne or common skin eruptions, run your clean hands over your face. Does your skin feel smooth? I’m guessing, no. Congested skin is full of waste and it needs help getting removed from the body just as your colon could use a little help to push out waste.. To help your skin free itself of those clogs that trap in oil and debris while preventing a healthy oxygen exchange, I recommend a series of at home facial treatments.

This program will consist of steaming your face everyday, while partaking of saunas and steam rooms. You may have heard persons warn against saunas and steam rooms especially if you have active acne.

The reason your skin may become worse after the first few times that you use a sauna or steam room is because the heat forces the waste trapped inside your pores to come to the surface of the skin.

This can trigger an inflammatory reaction on the surface of the skin. But as the deep layers of the skin become clearer, with consistent internal and external cleansing, these inflammatory responses to saunas and steam rooms will subside.

The beauty of heat is that it goes deep into the skin, where the trouble lies, and brings it to the surface for expulsion. You deserve to give your body this opportunity to help repair itself. The measures I suggest may seem extreme, but our skin is far more congested than we realize, especially if and when we have acne.

With that said, lets look at my Ultimate Inner Outer Cleansing Experience. It is divided into three parts: inner cleansing, outer cleansing and psyche cleansing. The inner cleansing will focus on freeing toxins within the body. The outer program will help flush out toxins within the skin.

And equally as important, the psyche cleaning will work to remove negative thoughts from your mind. Perform the psyche cleansing portion of the program using the methods outlined in the Clearing the voices in your head section. All three programs should be used simultaneously.

The Ultimate Inner Outer Cleansing experience is designed to last two weeks. If this program is too intense for you, I have provided means of modifying the program to fit your particular needs. But let me remind you that before you begin this program, it is imperative that you are comfortable with your cleansing regime, daily dialogues, and your food intake. Now, let us delve into the program.

With this program, you should only enjoy the foods that you know you body will tolerate well. Also, ensure that during this program you only eat the amount of food that your body requires, no more no less.

Additionally, try to avoid as many dietary toxins as possible such as coffee, excess sugar, and alcohol. Meanwhile, make certain that you drink at least a gallon of fresh water everyday during this program. If you are incorporating the Mimicking Accutane method presented earlier, feel free to add fresh squeezed lemon juice to your water.

During this program, you will perform facial steaming, enemas, and face massages daily. This program does not have to be expensive at all; in fact it’s cheap because you can do all of the work yourself (except for the colonic, maybe).

And if you do not have access to a sauna or steam room, do a comfortable exercise and make certain that you sweat. This sweat helps remove toxins. Be creative, this is your health we are talking about. Let nothing prevent you from performing this program be it time or money. Just focus on your goal of revealing a healthier you and make this program a priority for the next 14 days.

Please exercise sound judgment during this program. For example, if you sense that your face should not get steamed a certain day, then don’t steam it, but do keep up with the program. Also if applying a mask to you skin my seem too much on a certain day, skip the mask that day but do keep on track with the rest of the program. Just keep in mind, to look and feel extraordinary, you need to do extraordinary things.

If you want to see a dramatic change in your mind and body, you have to make dramatic changes in how you treat your body. That’s exactly what this program is, a dramatic change to your daily routine to shift your body into rapid healing mode so that you can reveal the healthiest and most beautiful you possible.

If you have even envied the seemingly effortless beauty of celebrities or rich folks, wake up. Those good looks took some time and effort to put into place. Models have extensive skin care rituals and body renewal steps.

I used to envy professional figure models and thought that they were just born with great bodies. I was so wrong. Since I educated myself and found our what it actually takes to transform your body in to figure modeling material, I have an immense sense of respect for these women.

To look like they do takes consistent training and monitoring of your diet. Plus, you need a clear mental image of where you and where you want to be physically. Then you can map out what steps you are going to take to get there.

I designed this program with that knowledge in mind. Looking your best takes some work. Just recall the makeover shows you’ve seen where Jane “I just do what’s easy for me everyday” was transformed into a hot mama by professionals who new what they were doing.

You can experience the same type of transformation within yourself if you are willing to do a little bit of consistent work. Stick with this Ultimate Inner Outer Cleansing Program and revisit it as often as you need. Revealing your beauty takes time, self-discovery, and consistent work.

Lets begin the unveiling.

Ordering and Timing of Treatments

There is an art to unveiling beauty. To perform this ultimate cleansing, you need to get the timing right. I propose doing a colonic at the beginning of each week in the program to give yo ur colon a head start in the cleansing process. This will also facilitate the enemas during the rest of the week.

Enemas are administered twice a day to help remove the years of waste lying in the colon. It takes a great deal of time and effort to successfully cleanse the colon. This is why great emphasis is given to the enemas everyday. These enemas may take 20 minutes or more depending on your time and desires. Please note the importance of replacing beneficial bacteria and electrolytes after the enemas.

Methods for doing this are covered in the Enema section of this book. Facial steaming is also critical to unplugging the clogs in your skin. This is why steaming is performed twice a day in the morning and evening. On the days when a clay mask is suggested, this should be done right after you steam the face in the evening. That’s because your pores will be open and allow the mask to be more effective.

On the days that you decide to do an extraction, you should perform the facial steaming first, and then perform the extraction. Do extraction at night, unless you work the night shift. This is because typically after extraction you will have swelling around the extraction site. Again, that is part of the healing experience and the swelling will go away in a day or two.

Once the extraction is complete apply the clay mask to further excavate any debris within the pores. After washing off the mask, this is a great time to perform the facial massage. Make certain you disinfect your skin as well (you may use a disinfecting oil for the facial massage). The whole process may take from 45-60 minutes.

Make sure to apply the correct moisturizer afterwards. I suggest using aloe vera during this process for several reasons. One, moisturizers contain several chemicals and the whole point of this process is to remove toxins, so adding more chemicals seems asinine. Aloe vera is a natural product.

Two, aloe vera seals in moisture and is very compatible with structure of our skin. Three, aloe vera is very cheap and available at all drug stores. And finally, aloe vera helps skin heal faster.

During the day, just make certain that you put on sun block. You can determine if your body can handle the sauna and steam room all in one day. If you can only do one, that’s fine. You can brush your skin with a brush made of natural fibers while in the sauna. I suggest washing off with cold water after you finish your sauna because this closes up the pores.

But if you are comfortable applying the clay mask to your body where you performed the sauna, go ahead. Instead of taking the cold shower after the sauna, just rinse your body with lukewarm water and then apply the clay mask to your body. Let the mask dry and then rinse it off.

After using the clay body mask, give yourself a soothing massage with a natural oil of your liking. An outline for the first week of the Inner Outer Cleansing Experience is provided on the next page.