What to Expect During and After the Ultimate Inner/Outer Cleansing Experience

First and foremost, you should expect to feel a lot healthier and more knowledgeable about your body after completing the Ultimate Inner/Outer Cleansing Experience. Let this knowledge guide you through all of the things you may endure while going through this program.

The purging from within

During the first week, you may have more zits on your face than usual. Please do not let this thwart you. This is what you want. You want to move the potential zits out of the deep layers of your skin to the surface so that they can leave quickly. The combination of the steaming, facial masks, and exfoliation forces zits out of their hiding places before they can cause more damage. Just remember to use a disinfectant on the surfacing zits.

Likewise, if you are proceeding with the enemas and colonics, you will release numerous toxins from your body in the process. The way you feel during this time depends entirely on your body. After your first colonic, you may feel tired and need to rest for a few minutes during the day.

But a day or two later, you should notice a spike in your energy level. There are several reasons for this: One, emptying excess waste in your colon means that you are carrying around less weight, which gives you more energy; and Two, since there are less parasites and waste vying for space and food within your body, you can derive more nutrients from the foods you consume.

Discover the deeper meanings behind your frustration with zits If you are following through with the Clearing the voices in you head section, you should become more aware of your feelings and attitude regarding acne. Use these attitudes and feelings to decode the messages of your acne.

For examp le, when I used the Clearing the voices in you head section, I realized that my impatience and demand for immediate satisfaction urged me to just pop a zit as soon as it arrived on my face. I would say, “I hate these zits?” Then one after another I would pop them, only to spread more infection.

Using the healing dialogues and exercises; I noticed that this impatience with zits was also present in other facets of my life. I was attacking the zits because I wanted to project an image of perfection, both in my personal and professional lives. I impulsively destroyed the zits because I viewed them as an unfair barrier to obtaining my goals.

I got momentary satisfaction from popping the zits and thinking to myself, “That should solve the problem, they should go away now”. Of course, that did not work. Then I turned the tables on the zits and asked them how they can help me obtain my goals of projecting personal and professional confidence. Thus began my road to decoding the zits.

Clean Slate

After week two of the purging, your skin should become clearer and exhibit less inflammation. This can only occur if you have used the contents of Acne Messages to pinpoint the root cause of your acne, whether it is emotional, psychological, nutritional and/or environmental.

The whole point of doing the Ultimate Inner/Outer Cleansing Experience is to give yourself a clean slate. That is, once you know the root cause of your acne and remove the acne trigger(s) from your life, the acne goes away.

Consequently, your body can return to its innate state of supreme health. The combination of treatments in the Ultimate Inner/Outer Cleansing Experience bolts your body to this ideal level of wellbeing.