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Why is acne so hard to treat?

“Because there are so many different factors involved: plugging of pores and oil production for starters. Inflammation is really critical; studies are showing that even on the skin of acne patients where one doesn’t see acne, there are inflammatory factors on a molecular level.” is designed to take you from suffering from acne to finding your unique acne solution. 

Like the site implies, this process is based on the premise that zits aren’t there just to annoy you, but to ultimately improve your health.  To use this site, you can read through the book by cruising through the tabs left to right, or just browse.  But please, leave transformed in a good way.

What you are about to read is unlike information you will find anywhere else. I aim to reveal my truth regarding acne. Acne is not merely a disease, a curse or even a normal or acceptable condition.

Acne is a message. That is right my friend, a message. Go to any dermatologist, and I’ve been to three by the way, and ask for help regarding your acne situation. What will you get?

An experiment from hell and you are the guinea pig. I repeat that I am not here to debase the medical industry and their humanitarian efforts. But the pharmaceutical industry does not make trillions of dollars a year by making people healthy. People who depend upon the remedial promises of drugs generate the revenues of these companies.

Moreover, this revenue continues to grow because consumers direct too much responsibility for the insurance of their own health to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

I am here to help redistribute a bit of this awesome power and personal accountability that we have given to the pharmaceutical companies back to the body. The influence that pharmaceutical companies hold derives from a belief that since drug companies appear to have arrived at “cures” for other conditions, they will also arrive at a cure for acne.

And while we wait for this cure, we victimize and pity ourselves while denying the innate intelligence and healing power of the body. The body can cure itself. We humans, by and large, have just forgotten this.

Here is a bit of history to refresh our memories. Writing in 1911, author George Barton Cutten, Ph.D., explained that some of the latest investigations at that time claimed that most if not all persons have cancer at some time in their life. However, an anti-toxin or some other remedy is supplied by the body itself and the growth is stopped then the malignant tissue is absorbed. How about that! You’ve probably had cancer that you did not know about and the body cured itself, without you even knowing.

Not only is the body equipped with awesome curative powers, but the mind is equally if not superiorly endowed as well. For example, studies with persons that seem to be resistant to the HIV virus find that such invincible individuals have a positive attitude and an extreme amount of confidence in the ability of their body to fight off and prevent disease.

Persons who apparently cure themselves should no longer be the outliers in our studies of disease. People having confidence in the curative potential of the body should be the norm. I am writing this book to help individuals who are willing to re-establish trust with their bodies and no longer be victims awaiting a foreign “cure”.

Persons with acne can be taken advantage of by the pharmaceutical and beauty industries. And we acne “sufferers”, as we were once termed, allow this to happen. Why? Because people suffering from acne want acne to go away. We generally do not care what we have to do abolish the acne.

The pharmaceutical companies know how vulnerable persons with acne are and realize that acne is one of the most difficult conditions in the world to successfully treat.

Thus, we are left will a market of “sufferers” giving doctors and pharmaceutical companies thousands of their hard-earned dollars in their seemingly never-ending search for a cure. This madness must end and will only end once each individual is wholeheartedly accountable for her own health.